SKYWAVE 8/11@ 5pm: SHERLOCK and Dr. WATSON in GAUL?!


Welcome to skywave for more radio play action. We begin with a tale from the Sherlock Homes series. 1st broadcast 1945, "The Case of the Dead Adventuress" has Sherlock caught holding the weapon for the murder of a lady in France. Does Parisian law dismiss the charge as it may be conceived to be a crime of passion or...what? Stay tuned as we continue with an episode from the X Minus 1 series. Originally aired 1956, "The Hostess" considers the arrival of an alien to an Earthling home. why has he been invited to stay and what is the purpose of his visit? Well, here to reveal all are voice magicians  Carol Moog, Gary Mitchell, Jake Michael, Tom Casetta nd your host, Andy Pettit.