FEWSH [July 11, 2021]

(Photo by Denis Luyten)

Because and in spite of.

~ Fewsh ~

(Photo by Denis Luyten)

Hour 1

Pink Floyd - Free Four {from Works}

Strawbs - A Glimpse of Heaven {from From The Witchwood}

Dizzy Gillespie - Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac {from Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac}

Dillinger - Buckingham Palace {from CB 200}

Gorillaz - Kids With Guns (Quiet Village Remix) {from D-Sides}

Heart - Love Alive {from Little Queen}

Kenny Lynch - Misery {from We Like Kenny}

Billy Strange - 500 Miles {from Mr. Guitar}

Phil Collins - Hand In Hand {from Face Value}

Word of The Week ~ Ulmaceous

Hour 2

Morgan & Dilloway - Color Changing Knife 1 {from Color Changing Knife}

Parallax Beat Brothers - The Darker The Star {from Autek}

The Fiery Furnaces - Down At The So And So On Somewhere {from digital single}

Tuxedomoon - What Use? {from Half-Mute}

Wire - Practice Makes Perfect {from The Peel Sessions Album}

Nomo - Book of Right On {from New Tones}

Tony Allen - Celebrate {from Secret Agent}

The O'Jays - Love Train {from The Ultimate O'Jays}

The Impressions - Keep On Pushing {from Keep On Pushing}

Aretha Franklin - A Brand New Me {from Young, Gifted And Black}