We begin Skywave live radio play with an episode from the Romance series. 1st broadcast 1954, "An Heiress From Redhorse" has forlorn debutante Jane trotting the globe from her rock pile Colorado mine existence in search of...the ultimate hook up with a permanent companion. Will jane float from 1 meaningless foreign affair to another or...? We continue with an episode from the Startling Detective Adventures. Originally aired 1931, "Boston's Lone Wolf Terror" considers the looting rampage of a house thief known as the Lone Wolf. When asked by a helpless victim why he does it, the Wolf responds "because I get a kick out of it". But is his motive that of a risk junky or some unfulfilled drive? Well, here to help you analyze the situation are voice therapists Teri Maxwell, Shelli Pentimall-Booker, Maury Harris, Tomas Casetta and your patient patient, Andy Pettit.