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This is an exciting and transitional time in the future of PGW (Philadelphia Gas Works), Philadelphia’s gas utility company, and of the City. How can this transition happen and provide a sustainable business model for the utility, continued jobs for workers in the gas industry, and reasonable prices for the consumers of the gas company’s products while reducing or eliminating greenhouse gases? Find out ways in which the process of determining the future of city owned PGW can also be helpful to other cities across the nation that are trying to make similar climate friendly transitions.
  • Audrey Schulman and Zeyneb Magavi: are Co-Executive Directors of HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team) and Aubrey is its founder.  They have worked on a number of home energy efficiency projects, most recently the environmental problems with natural gas.  They will be talking about microgrid geothermal technology and its potential use for businesses and homes.  This technology currently is being piloted in Massachusetts, where HEET is located. Currently, Philadelphia is considering the use of microgrid geothermal technology as one of the paths forward for PGW.  Aubrey and Zeyneb already have presented to various groups, including the City’s Office of Sustainability, and they will be discussing additional aspects of this possible transition. 
  • Peter Winslow is president of A Smart Collaboration, an LLC that promotes collaboration among groups to bring about environmental and socially responsible goals.  He is active in many different environmental justice movements and projects in the Philadelphia area.  As a citizen of the City, Peter will be talking about how he sees the efforts to transition PGW towards a greener future with less greenhouse gas emissions, including discussion of the report commissioned by the utility to study various paths forward.

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