EVs & the grid & transition to clean energy, Planet Philadelphia 4:00 today!


Matteo Muratori, Ph.D.is Advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation at the federal level and Senior Engineer and Team Leader at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).  He will be discussing EV/grid integration and it’s relationship to the environment. 

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Liz Robinson: is Planet Philadelphia’s Energy Correspondent.  She reports on environmental energy news from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital. Ms. Robinson is a consultant to the PA Solar Energy Industries Association (PASEIA) and was the founding Executive Director of the Energy Coordinating Agency here in Philadelphia. In these roles and others, she is conversant with the progress in Harrisburg toward a cleaner more energy efficient future. Shewill tell us the latest energy news in Harrisburg, and what this could mean. Since Pennsylvania is the third largest fossil fuel energy producer in the country, these developments affect everyone.

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