SKYWAVE 1/6 wed. @ 5pm: The VACCINATION?!


Welcome to Skywave for live radio play time! We begin with an episode from the Phil Harris Alice Faye show. Originally aired 1950, "The Vaccinations" takes a contemporary look at the implementation of pre-travel innoculations, but with Phil being as resistant as a defiant child when it comes to having his arm poked by  a needle, what will Alice do? After you've been exposed to the particulars of of this prickly plot, be prepared for another punch in the arm from the equally comedically contagious series My Favorite Husband. 1st broadcast 1950, Dinner F0r 12" presents Liz with a dozen problems. Husband George tells her to prepare a big meal for a bunch of guests, yet her cooking experience is a akin to to the larder that['s never been filled. So what's a hostess with the leastest in culinary acumen to do? Correct callers receive a winner winner chicken dinner served by our team of voice actors Carol Moog, Teri Maxwell, Maury Harris, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit. Bon Apettit.