SKYWAVE 10/14 @ 5pm: "Snooky Hallows Eve"


Welcome to Skywave for more sd live radio play performances! We begin with a mystery from The Strange Dr. Weird series. 1st broadcast 1945, "The Voice of Death" considers the plight of cousin Blanche, who's been left out of her rich uncle's will. What will she do to make herself the only living heir? There are an avalanche of possibilities. We continue with a festive treat from the Baby Snooks series. Originally aired 1946,  "Halloween Show" has Snooks having fun on her favorite holiday, but somehow at the unintended expense of Daddy..again? And here to keep you intendedly happy in sweet  auditory indulgence are actors Jake Michael, Martha Michael, Bill Simpson, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.