New Planet Philadelphia 4-5:00 PM Today: A Free Press, the Environment, and Voting

Pre-election Show
Information for Environmental Choices
Planet Philadelphia 4-5:00 PM Today, (10/2/20)

Tune in today to hear our Planet Philadelphia guests talk about the importance of reporting on our environment and how it can inform the citizenry on environmental positions of federal and state candidates when voting:



Sharon Friedman is Professor and Director of the Science and Environmental Writing Program in the Department of Journalism and Communication at Lehigh University. Sharon will be talking about the state of environmental journalism, what makes for good journalism in this area, and how to evaluate environmental media.



Liz Robinson is the founder of the Energy Coordinating Agency and the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance. Liz has been our correspondent from Harrisburg (capital city of PA). She will be reporting on the environmental/climate platforms of our presidential candidates and of our state legislature.


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