Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more live radio play fun times a la remote! We begin with an episode from the sci fi series Lights Out. Originally aired 1838, "Chicken Heart" is the result of an experiment out of control. When innocent women accidentally spill chemicals on an artificially supported bird heart, something happens- no immediate mass transmission of a germ; something worse! To find out, stay tuned. we follow with some unintentional comic relief via an episode fro the Guiding Light soap opera series. 1st broadcast 1950, "Episode 768" has parents at odds concerning their son's upbringing. How can paternal and maternal instincts co-exist in raising a child, especially when there's no Dr. Phil Oprah or even Springer to rescue such a family conundrum? Well, here to sort out their share of keeping you riveted are reg voices Elizabeth  Caruso, Bill Simpson, Stephen Medvidick along with Terrific Tom C. and our host, Andy Pettit.