4-5 Today on Planet Philadelphia: NSF Conference; Infrastructure, well-being and equity

 Tune in at 4:00 today to hear about this vital discussion.


On Planet Philadelphia today listen to some of the many diverse people who took part in a three day workshop on how our future can be more equitable, planning our infrastructure for everyone’s well being. Covid-19 has put a spotlight on how unfairly our society is and what sorts of health and well being comes from plans that didn’t adequately include all voices. This diverse group of researchers from the social, engineering, health, data, and environmental sciences, and practitioners, industry leaders, government agencies, educators, and community organizers are trying to figure out how to do better going forward. This Planet Philadelphia show presents a compilation of interviews conducted throughout the workshop talking about some of the ideas raised and lessons learned. Temple University’s Center for Sustainable Communities hosted a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded workshop titled ‘How does Infrastructure Shape Equity and Well-being Across the Urban-Rural Gradient?’


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