SKYWAVE April 8 @ 5pm: TIME!


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave ala remote for more live radio play excitement. We begin with the infamous HG Wells tale "The Machine". 1st broadcast 1950, our story begins with invitation to travel to the year 100, 080. After a disappointing tour, the adventurers return to the spot where they landed only to find the contraption gone. Will they find it? Stay tuned to find out and stay on for some comic relief from JP Shanley's piece "A Lonely Impulse of Delight". Hear what happens when a guy wants to introduce to his  friend  the new love of his life- a mermaid. We close with recitations from 2 Romantic poets- first Wm. Wordsworth's "Daffodils" and the Felicia Hemans' "To Wordsworth". Tonight you'll hear the gracious, generous voice of regular Skywave  actor Gary Mitchell along with that of your host all made possible by SFX engineer extraordinaire Tom Casetta!