FEWSH [Feb. 16, 2020] Fewsh Parts ~ Part 2

(Painting by Édouard Manet)

Though not directed by Ken Finkleman and most certainly not full of "scatological cross-references", this is certainly a second part. A second part of parts. See here for further context.

(Painting by Édouard Manet)

Hour 1

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI • VII • VIII • IX) {from Wish You Were Here}

Wand - Fire On The Mountain (I • II • III) {from Ganglion Reef}

Arcade Fire - Here Comes The Night Time {from Reflektor}

Arcade Fire - Here Comes The Night Time II {from Reflektor}

Brian Eno - Under Stars {from Apollo ~ Atmospheres & Soundtracks}

Icebreaker with B. J. Cole - Under Stars II {from Apollo}

The Police - Synchronicity I {from Synchronicity}

The Police - Synchronicity II {from Synchronicity}

Hour 2

James Brown - The Payback (Part 1) {from 7" single}

James Brown - The Payback (Part 2) {from 7" single}

Gary Glitter - Rock and Roll Part 1 {from Glitter}

Phish - Rock and Roll Part 2 {from Hampton Comes Alive}

Phish - Axilla [Part I] {from Hampton Comes Alive}

Phish - Axilla [Part II] {from Hoist}

Tool - Wings For Marie (Pt 1) {from 10,000 Days}

Tool - 10,000 Days (Pt 2) {from 10,000 Days}

Peter Gabriel - The Return Parts 1, 2 and 3 {from Long Walk Home ~ Music From The Rabbit-Proof Fence}