SKYWAVE 11/13 @ 6pm: PRINCESS and the PEP TALK MAN


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more live radio plays. We begin with a duo of shorts from the master of the ten minute tale- John McDonnell. First up, "Pep Talk Man" from 2017. It seems that Ralph can't get out of bed until Pep Talk Man arrives with super powers to cure Ralph. But is this a test beyond heroic capabilities? Our 2nd McDonnell entry is "Always Ask A Princess" from 2017, which is a kind of modern fractured fairy tale with a twisted moral. And we conclude with a chiller from the Quiet Please series. Originally aired 1948, "12 To 5" brings us to a radio station, where a mysterious DJ appears on DJ Connie's show and and predicts tragic events.  How  does this bode fro Connie? Well here to keep you guessing are playwright John McDonnell, Nyi Lunsford, Gary Mitchell, and your host, Andy Pettit.