4-5 Today: Planet Philadelphia Anthony Rogers-Wright, Green New Deal Peter Winslow

Guests today are:

Anthony Rogers-Wright, The Green New Deal’s Origin Story: Anthony Rogers-Wright  is the Policy Coordinator for the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA).  He has over ten Picture years of policy analysis, community organizing and outreach/advocacy experience. Anthony will explain the origins of the climate justice ideas in the GND as well as discuss why he and the CJA believe that a “just transition” to a greener world must place race, gender and class at the center of solutions.  Anthony was interviewed at the recent NetRoots Conference in Philadelphia.


Peter Winslow, Future for PES?:  Peter Winslow has worked on a Port Development Plan and on projects for the Department of Defense, Carnegie Mellon, Siemens, and Rutgers. He is the President of the Evolve Foundation and the Founder/President of the FLAG (the Free Loan Association for Germantown). He has followed developments at PES (Philadelphia Energy Solutions, the largest refinery on the east coast) for several years.  This is the next installment from about the fast moving situation at the former PES refinery in the wake of the fire and closure of the facility. What can be done with the facility now (can it be used for greener purposes?) and how is the community getting involved.