SKYWAVE 9/4 @ 6pm: "I Want To Walk/ Venus Is A Man's World?"


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more radio play excitement. We have 2 goodies tonite. We begin with an original by Caitlin Cieri, titled "I Want To Walk". A homeless man begs for change in the street and an elderly man stops to lecture him about his life choices. But the longer the conversation goes on, the more apparent it is the elderly man has a secret shame of his own. This is a play that tackles the opioid crisis and the insidious way pain management turns into full blown addiction. We follow with an episode for the X Minus One sci fi series. 1st broadcast `1957, "Venus Is A Man's World" considers how the solar system operates in the year 2107, when gender equality is extinct and women say what goes until a Venusian man in search of an Earth wife meet and we find out who has the last word, so to speak. And here to keep you speechless are playwright Caitlin Cieri and regular voice Maury Harris along with your host, Andy Pettit.