Planet Philadelphia 4-5 pm today, Heat Islands and you


Summer officially starts today and it’s getting hotter. There’s something called the heat island effect that is a threat to our fellow citizen’s health - particularly in some sections of Philadelphia. This is an issue we’ll be exploring as the summer heats up. We’ll be starting  today with Linda’s and my interview with Helena van Vliet and Sadie Francis from a new organization called BioPhilly. This group is dedicated the idea that nature helps us humans in many important ways - including possibly to help deal with heat islands.




Also on this Planet Philadelphia show, we have for you:

  • One of Temple University Professor Fletcher Chmara-Huff, PhD, in the Geography and Urban Studies/ Environmental Studies class projects focusing on Socially Just Climate Futures in Philadelphia. Because climate change will change everything... Students involved in making in this podcast were: Stephen Anderson, Madeline Damore, Evan Loeb, Bryce McGrath, Ritapa Neogi, Travis Spotts  titled “Birds and Weeds” about urban gardening.

  • We will also have Liz Robinson Plant Philadelphia’s Harrisburg energy correspondent telling us what’s happening in our state’s capital. She keeps on top of things and there’s a lot going on in Harrisburg that could affect us all.

So please do tune in to Planet Philadelphia today at 4-5 pm.