PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW - Why God said, theres NO CONDEMNATION!!!!!

Join us today @ 10am est... We will be sharing on why the LORD said that there is NO CONDEMNATION... Also, Minister Author, Activist Prophet Christopher Signil will b on with his segment GOD And Government! Them Minister F Keith Mcleod and Brother Issac - with Life Insurance in the Black Community on the What Say Ye Segment!!!! and Through the Lense of Christ with Brother D. N Sister A. ...and Ya know we spin the BEST CHRISTIAN MusiC on the Planet!!!!! .... Listen live using several ways: 92.9FM - listen on computer or phone online at or Brother D. N Sister A. of the Praiselujah Radio-Show — with Adrienne McPherson, Darrell Mc, Christopher Signil, Winola Childs, F Keith Mcleod, Ron Bowser, Amy L Tillman,Justin March, Adrienne McPherson, Kelly March andBryan Erby.


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