Planet Philadelphia 4-5 PM today


On Planet Philadelphia 4-5 PM today we will be talking about our energy futures and what is happening here in Philly and  our state. We all have important decisions to make about how our future will look and feel. The issues are complicated. How should we deal with climate change and fossil fuel pollution?

It’s very important for us all to have informed conversations about how we get to a better future. In that regard, our main interview today will be with Emiliy Schapira, the Director of the Philadelphia Energy Authority and their many efforts to help with sustainability in a just way with the Philadelphia Energy Campaign, a $1 billion, 10-year initiative to advance energy efficiency and clean energy across Philadelphia, while creating over 10,000 jobs.

We will also be bringing you information and interviews with state congressional members on the big decisions facing Philadelphia and Pennsylvania on our transition to cleaner forms of power.

Tune in for all this and more on Planet Philadelphia