Good eve. Welcome to Skywave at 92.9 FM gtownradio for live radio play action. Tonite we have 2 more zingers. We begin with a sci fi script from The Dimension X series. Originally aired 1950, Ray Bradbury's "Zero Hour" takes place back in the future of 1985. It seems that a new children's game called Invasion is all the rage nationally. How will parents respond, and more, how has the message of mass media influence endured today? We follow with a tale of the same theme of child fantasy with an original piece. Titled "Toyboat", our story tells more about the persuasive power of youthful imagination. what happens when a boy loses a toy steering wheel for his boat down the drain? Can he get it back? Stay tuned to find out with regular guests Kathy Harmer, Maury Harris, and special urchins, -er, guests Eli and Sylvie Harris along with your host Andy Pettit.