SKYWAVE July 11 @ 6pm: MOTHMAN!


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave. Tonite we have 2 more terrific radio plays. We'll begin with an original sci fi suspense story. titled Mothman(which is based on a local West Virginia legend that received substantial press in the mid '60's), a couple have a date at an abandoned  TNT factory that serves as the area's Lover's Lane only to encounter a phenomenon they can't see but only hear; emanating eerie avian alarms. Is is human, bird, neither, or both? We follow that feather rustler with a melodrama from the Fleishmann's Yeast hour. Originally aired 1933, "the Love Nest" recounts the travails of  a fading shrill nightingale who was graced the screen as a silver throated thrush of  a starlet. And here to keep you up in the air are guests Martha Michael, Bill Simpson, Max Pettit, and Jim Harris  along with myself, your host, Andy Pettit.