Listen Up! Wednesday 06/06: Chaos Redesigned

A show filled with old and new music, usually of a psychedelic nature. Genres can include (but not limited to): garage, folk & folk rock, power pop, prog rock, and also a wide selection of interesting and rare singer-songwriter, harmony pop, soft rock, lounge-rock, punk and glam rock, space jazz, avant-garde, vanity-pressings and "outsider" albums.

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide.

Hear it live on your radio dial at 92.9 or stream it from 2-4pm EST

This program originally aired on 06/06/18: A free form radio show that often resembles an acid trip even when no “psychedelic” music is heard

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide.

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Playlist (Artist -Title –Album – Year of song)
Opening Theme
Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level – Experiment Zero – 1996

Rotary Connection - Turn Me On -Rotary Connection - 1967
Tame Impala - It Is Not Meant To Be -Innerspeaker-2010
of Montreal - Lysergic Bliss-Satanic Panic in the Attic-2004

Anton Barbeau - It's The Coffee That Makes The Man Go Mad -Natural Causes-2018
Pearls Between Swine - (Oh Dear) Miss Morse -One Nation Underground-1967
Brother JT - Ponin' -Tornado Juice - 2018
The Archies - Kissin' - Everything's Archie - 1969
Flamin' Groovies - Jumpin In The Night -Jumpin In The Night-1979

The Dodd Sisters - You Yum Yum Yitty Yitty Yeah-1962
New York Dolls - Private World - New York Dolls - 1973
Pink Slip Daddy - Turn Me Loose -Viva Fabian & More!-2016
Los Loud Jets - Hemosa Laura -Twist de Tomas / Hermosa Laura-1963

NRBQ - My Girlfriend's Pretty - Grooves In Orbit - 1983
Jeri Simpson - In My Black Lace -In My Black Lace / Sugar-1956
Bobbi Blake - My Panties -1978
The Shaggs - MyPall Foot Foot -Philosophy Of The World-1969

Cary Grant - FCC Station Identification Regulations-1939

Sunforest - Magician In The Mountain -Sound Of Sunforest-1969
Grateful Dead - Mountains of The Moon - Aoxomoxoa-1971
Rush - Rivendel - Fly By Night-1975
Led Zeppelin - The Battle of Evermore - IV -1971

13th Floor Elevators - I Had To Tell You -Easter Everywhere-1967
Big Star - For You -3rd - 1975

The Velvet Underground - I Found A Reason - Loaded -1970
Yo La Tengo - Nowhere Near - Painful-1993

The Mock Turtles - Time Between/Why - Various: Time Between - A Tribute To The Byrds-1989
The Byrds - It Won't Be Wrong - Turn Turn Turn - 1965
Camper Van Beethoven - When I Win The Lottery -Key Lime Pie-1989
The Low Road - Letter Never Sent - Fidelity - 1995

The Musics - You Sure Fall Down A lot-It's The Little Things / You Sure Fall Down A Lot-1966

Silly Pillows – Groovy Tune – New Affections  – 1997

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