Today: Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show, 4-5:00 pm; Climate change as a motivating force
Sunrise Today © Kay Wood 3/16/18
 There’s a new Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show today 4-5:00 pm on WGGT 92.9 LPFM, available on your radio dial in NW Philadelphia and vicinity. The show is also simultaneously streamed online at so people everywhere on the planet can hear Planet Philadelphia too. You wouldn’t want to miss these interesting discussions:
  • Rachel D. Valletta, Ph.D. is an environmental scientist and the director of the Climate and Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP), a four-city educational initiative seeking to engage urban residents more efficiently and effectively in climate change and resiliency education at The Franklin Institute. She spoke with host Kay Wood and reporter Linda Rosenwein about how to talk about climate change in our divisive times.

  • Those of us who think young people are apathetic about politics and our world will be quite surprised and inspired by this interview. Three young activists, Maddy Feldman, Ben Bristol, and Micah Lott - known by friends as Big Wind, spoke with Planet Philadelphia host Kay Wood about how to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. 

Hear these informative interviews and more.