The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sat (2/3) 4-5pm, with Jim Hamilton of Rittenhouse Soundworks


Tune in to "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda" Saturday (2/3) to meet host Stephanie Heck's next guest, percussionist and drummer, Jim Hamilton.  Jim will talk to us about his lifelong devotion to music, about his work as a local, national, and international musician and performer, and about his Germantown-based recording and film studio, Rittenhouse Soundworks.  Listen live at 92.9 FM to hear the story behind Jim's insipiring musical arts!  It's going to be a great show about an awesome musical journey!

Did you miss the show?  Listen to it here: The (Not So) Hidden Agenda-February 3, 2018-with Percussionist Jim Hamilton