Podcast: Greener, cleaner, more prosperous future Philadelphia, Planet Philadelphia on GTown Radio,

Philadelphia is making big efforts to ready our fair city for a greener, cleaner, more prosperous future. Listen to Planet Philadelphia host, Kay Wood, find out how these big efforts are coming along on this Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show streamed on GTown Radio 10/6/17. 




  • Emily Schapira, Exec. Director, Philadelphia Energy Authority,  on investing in clean energy and energy efficiency to drive job creation in Philadelphia, including Solarize Philadelphia.
  • Nicolas Esposito, Director of Philly’s Zero Waste and Litter Action Plan, a plan to move us toward becoming a zero-waste city by 2035.
  • Also, Leslie Cerf, Volunteer Coordinator at Awbury Arboretum, talks about the beautiful accessible green resource in our midst.

Music List:

Big Yellow Taxi; Joni Mitchell
October; U2
The Energy Blues; School House Rock
Peaceful Waters; Gordon Lightfoot
My October Symphony; Pet Shop Boys