Tune in today, 8/18/17, at 4-5:00pm. Great listening on the POWERful new Planet Philadelphia radio s
On Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show today:
  • Kay Wood and Linda Rosenwein conduct a wide-ranging interview with Terri Burgin, Co-Chair of the Economic Dignity team at POWER, and Anthony Giancatarino, a Fellow at POWER, about what they discovered through drafting their new Green Jobs Report.
  • After that riveting interview we turn to the state of climate science here in the US and what effects the current turmoil may have. Host, Kay Wood, speaks with Professor Benjamin Horton, a noted Professor of Sea Level Research, who speaks passionately about the dangers ahead.
Host, Kay Wood, and reporter, Linda Rosenwein bring you these in-depth interviews plus news, music and more on your favorite local radio station, GTown Radio, 4-5:00pm today,  Friday, 8/18/17, at http://www.gtownradio.com. The show will be podcast on the Planet Philadelphia site a few days after it airs.

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