The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sat (7/15) from 4-5pm, with fermentation enthusiast, Hallie Kushner


Tune in Saturday, July 15th from 4-5pm to meet Stephanie's next guest, Hallie Kushner!  Hallie is a self-described "fermentation enthusiast" who is going to introduce us to the fun of experimenting with fermentation, an age-old process of food preservation.  She will talk about how easy it is to ferment food, as well as the myriad of benefits associated with fermentation.  She'll also let us know how she got interested in the process, why she does it, why she loves it, and why you should try it, too!  Tune in at 4pm so you won't miss your chance to hear why you should "harness the power of bacteria!"

Did you miss the show?  Listen to it here: The (Not So) Hidden Agenda-July 15, 2017-with Fermentation Enthusiast, Hallie Kushner