The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sat (6/17) from 4-5pm, with guest, actor/filmmaker Tatyana Yassukovich
Tune in Saturday, June 17th, from 4-5pm to meet Stephanie's next guest, local actor, filmmaker, and voiceover artist, Tatyana Yassukovich.  Tatyana will talk to us about her outstanding career in the media, performing arts and film.  She'll also tell us how she got her start and what's next on her horizon.  Stephanie may even get her to demonstrate her voice work live on the air!  Listen in to hear the story behind Tatyana's art--it's going to be a dynamic show!
Did you miss the show?  Listen to it here:  The (Not So) Hidden Agenda-June 17, 2017-with actor/filmmaker/voice-over artist, Tatyana Yassukovich