Podcast: Great Guests on the Earth Day Planet Philadelphia streamed on GTown Radio 4/21/17

Celebrate our earth by learning about our environmental and climate crisis on Planet Philadelphia streamed live on-line at our wonderful local radio station G-Town Radio 4:00pm www.gtownradio.com.




On today’s show we’ll be hearing about the climate crisis and the challenges we face with in today’s political and economic conditions, Richard Whiteford, Climate Change Adviser and Board Member of the UN World Information Transfer NGO, Rabbi Julie Greenberg on the Power Local Green Jobs campaign addressing the intersection of climate issues, race, and extreme economic inequality, Lindsay Meiman - the Peoples Climate Movement and the April 29th march in Washington, Doug Wechsler on his new children’s book, The Hidden Life of a Toad, and Damali Rhett, will tell us about The Energy Co-op, renewable energy co-op.

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