Today Ė New Planet Philadelphia 4-5 pm at Lotís of great guests.
Picture Celebrate our earth by learning about our environment on Planet Philadelphia streaming live on-line today at our wonderful local radio station G-Town Radio 4:00pm

On today’s show we’ll be hearing about the climate crisis and the challenges we face with in today’s political and economic conditions:

  • Richard Whiteford, Climate Change Adviser and Board Member of the UN World Information Transfer NGO
  • Rabbi Julie Greenberg on the Power Local Green Jobs campaign addressing the intersection of climate issues, race, and extreme economic inequality
  • Lindsay Meiman - the Peoples Climate Movement and the April 29th march in Washington
  • Doug Wechsler on his new children’s book, The Hidden Life of a Toad
  • Damali Rhett, will tell us about The Energy Co-op, renewable energy co-op.

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