New Planet Philadelphia Today G-Town Radio 4:00

New Planet Philadelphia Today G-Town Radio 4:00 3/3/17

Fossil Fuels and Your Health:  Physicians for Social Responsibility ReportPicture

Switching to renewable energy can do many wonderful things for our lives. One of the most beneficial is saving ourselves from the truly alarming impacts of fossil fuels on infant mortality and the myriad health impacts through out our lives. Listen to Kay Wood’s interview with Barbara Gottlieb of Physicians for Social Responsibility on how fossil fuel pollution is causing huge numbers of people right now right here in Pennsylvania to suffer severe health consequences and what can be done to change to a brighter healthier future. Also on this Planet Philadelphia – Pennsylvanians react to Senator Casey’s and Senator Toomey’s votes on Scott Pruit as the new head of the EPA. || facebook  |  @planetphila | @gtownradio