Letters to the Survivors Event! TONIGHT on Stepping Into Tomorrow, 3/17, 8PM!


Tune in this evening to Stepping Into Tomorrow at 8:00PM, as host Gabriel Bryant continues his spotlight on Women's History Month!  Tonight's show features Zahra Diallo, who is organizing this Saturday's "Letters to the Survivors" event which will provide a space for artists and storytellers to provide various narratives based on the struggles and triumphs of Black women, particularly as it relates to the multi-faceted aspects of abuse.  This program promises to gather folks together in a program that will be enriching, empowering and inspiring.  He also will discuss the recently announced "Call-in to Save Mumia Abu Jamal" campaign, which runs from March 17-March 31 in order to raise awareness to the Commonwealth's officials regarding Hep C, and the crisis of medical neglect that affects thousands of prisoners across Pennsylvania.  Feel free to call in at 215.609.4301!