Is the World Ready for HipHop Artist, TAHIR RBG?! Find out on Stepping Into Tomorrow! 12/17, 8PM


Liberation. Power. Revolution.  Just a few words to describe the music of TAHIR RBG, an incredible artist who puts his work in on the microphone, on stage and in empowering the community.  Tahir RBG has just released his new album, Hymns of the Whirlwind, and it is an album that you definitely want to add on to your collection!  Tune in this evening as hosts Gabriel Bryant and Abdus Sabur discuss Tahir's road through hiphop music, what drives his songwriting, and why an album like Hymns... needs to be heard now in this current national climate!  We can't forget the news of the day also, including tomorrow's car caravan for Mumia's hearing on Hep C and planning community initiatives for 2016!