February 17 @ 6pm: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HAIR!
Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. Are those snowflakes gathered at the edge of your numb
mind and crowding your blue toes whispering "Go south. Sunny Florida."Well, stop listening to
those petrified party-killing particles because we have something here up north to keep you warmer than any skin-burning beach. Tonight there are 3, not 2, radio plays that will make you thrall to the winter embrace of Gtown's wide open arms of entertainment. First you'll hear another Adventure of Sam Spade. Aired in 1947, "The Dead duck Caper is a classic mystery having you quack for our second story, "The Comeback", a 1928 interpretation of Samson and Delilah that will recall the John Travolta line from the modern film "Saturday Night Fever"- "Yo, don't touch the hair!", which is the least of concerns for our final story from 1929 "Close Up", about a director faced with a casting nightmare when 2 prima donna extras let fly their hissy fits. And here to keep you in your seats throughout the hour are 2 extra special guests from the Black Tribbles- Len and Kennedy, who will keep your head in a constant whirl guessing who's saying what..along with Jim "I'm just here for the free peanuts" Harris and your host Andy Pettit. So..now...let's listen.