February 10 @ 6pm: LeBon LeBon, a musical treat!

Good eve. Welcome to Skywave. Tonight we have a special musical treat, the band LeBon LeBon. Kind of electric, sort of eclectic, they have a sophisticated  '80's sound propelled to the next century with mesmerizing layers of keyboards, organs, a pulsating beat and vocalizations that recall that distinct influence of Peruvian wind.  Here's more:  Formed in the fall of 2010 by schoolmates and long time friends Davey Cope and Demian Mason, LeBon LeBon was, at first, nothing more than an experiment in song writing. Cope and Mason, both founding members of the Philadelphia based Fantasy Square Garden, decided to join forces again to create a "fake band" that would act as a vehicle to promote the holiday single "Megan Fox for Christmas". But the duo's repertoire would grow to include songs of an equally corrupt and catchy nature, drawing influences from such acts as Human League, Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Prince and Morris Day and the Time. Joined by and the production savvy of Andres Villamil aka Sir Isaac Newton John, LeBon LeBon aims to create a sound both musically satisfying and self consciously humorous, a Spinal Tap for hipsters.   So..let's hear what they're about in their own words...in their own voices telling their own tales...and maybe even hear a few live tunes!