2/3 @ 6pm- L.A. to N.Y: A Coast to Coast Radio Play Rocket Ride

Welcome to Skywave. Having been victimized by another vile prophecy of promise to receive piles of pillowy blankets of ice pin purity, Skywave has arrived to deliver a guarantee of gargantuan entertainment in the form of 2 more radio play dramatizations. The first is an episode from the Philip Marlowe detective series. Titled "Red Wind" and originally aired in 1947, this tale is, sure, full of hot air, but also packed with gritty grime in the finger nails characters you love to hate, love to love, and hate to leave when the case is solved and suddenly you're strapped in and launched from L.A. for Arch Obler's "Rocket From Manhattan". First broadcast in 1945, you're in for a bumpy blast of meteoric mind mangling. So you may ask how do I dare challenge your shaky faith in this show's grandiose pronouncements of auditory expertise. Because there is no other program in Philly that performs radio plays weekly and therefore has no competing comparison? Maybe? No! It's because Gtown has a bottomless pit of voice talent screaming to be heard like the host of Fewsh, who has returned to revive his throaty tones for all its musky monkishness- Reade McCardell..and fresh from last week's impersonation as the Bronx bombshell, the always sultry and eternally salty Ellen Perry along with Jim "the weather rodent" Harris on sfx and voices and your host, Andy Pettit. So...let's listen.