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Show Time
Jazz Hands 6-9am Get out of bed mix featuring classic jazz, mellow pop and downtempo electronica.
The Power of Food
(1st and 3rd Saturdays)
Host Roslyn Thomas explores how food brings us together.
PraisEluJAH 10-12pm Hosts Brother D and Sister A spin every genre of music in GOD's kingdom from worship & praise to Neo soul & R&B. They keep you laughing, entertained and enlightened with segments on marriage and GOD's Word. And, if that wasn't enough, they bring you in-depth interviews with mainstream artists, indie artists and best-selling authors. It's PraisEluJAH Baby!!!
The Rick Smith Show

12-1pm The Rick Smith Show is a progressive labor program from Central Pennsylvania. Each week Rick interviews state and local leaders as well as ordinary working people who discuss state and local politics and national issues from the perspective of working people. Each episode also includes important stories from labor history about struggles and hard-won victories.

Vanessa’s Money Hour



(1st and 3rd Saturdays)

Vanessa’s Money Hour aims to cover topics supporting financial security and wealth building. Host, Vanessa Lowe, has been teaching personal finance in northwest Philadelphia for more than 20 years. She’ll review her top tools for financial success and interview guest speakers on everything from bankruptcy to starting a foundation

1-2pmAuthor Ellen Brown reintroduced the idea of public banking motivated by the 2008 economic crisis and the Occupy Wall Street movement.  In this series, she interviews leading economists and discusses ideas currently being explored and implemented in over 20 states to provide local economic control.
Artists Roundtable – the Creative Voice of Germantown
2-3pmPaula Paul and her production team create this series introduced by Jimmy Clark that explores the cultural richness of Germantown
G-town Player3-8pmRandom (and not so random) selections from the massive G-town library. Listen and believe.
Roller Boogie Baby!


2nd and 4th Saturdays

DJ E-Chill brings you Boogie Funk, hio hop, electro, g funk, house and more to get you movin' on a Saturday night
Reggae Surge9-11pm DJ Surge delivers the Reggae music masala hot sauce. Showcasing a spicy blend of reggae music with a global appeal, featuring DJ Surge bringing you the best of the best.
G-town Late Night11pm-6am The dark, the heavy and the weird. Your late night soundtrack.