Trees & grass & things.


Let's face it, music is a better way to connect the world than any politician's promise of a global economy.  Join me at the Junction Wednesday night for records from around the world, including spiritual jazz from Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics, classic reggae from Bunny Wailer, and fuzzy African grooves from Manu DiBango

Soul Junction
Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm
People make the world go 'round.

February 29, 2012


Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"Fever"  Mickey Murray  People Are Together (King/Secret Stash)

"Struttin' With Some Barbecue"  Ed Thigpen  Out of the Storm  (Verve)

"Morning Prayer"  Pharaoh Sanders  Thembi  (Impulse)

"Mandala"  Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics  OST  (Strut)

"Vibe from the Tribe"  Build An Ark  Peace With Every Step  (Kindred Spirits)

"(I Believe) I've Been Blue Too Long"  B.B. King  L.A. Midnight  (ABC)

"Booger Bear"  Charles Williams  Trees & Grass & Things  (Mainstream)

"Classic Funke"  Brother Jack McDuff  Who Know What Tomorrow's Gonna Bring?  (Blue Note)

"Ashley's Roach Clip"  The Soul Searchers  12 Inch  (Alpha Omega)

"Can't Live Without You"  Jimmy Cliff  Strugglin' Man  (Mango)

"Oboe"  Jackie Mittoo  The Keyboard King at Studio One  (Studio One/Soul Jazz)

"Blackheart Man"  Bunny Wailer  Blackheart Man  (Island)

"Africa"  Cedric Im Brooks & The Light of Saba  Cedric Im Brooks & The Light of Saba  (Honest Jons)

"Ifa"  Tunji Oyelana & The Benders  Love's A Real Thing:  The Funky Fuzzy Sounds of West Africa (Stonesthrow/Luaka Bop)

"New Bell"  Manu DiBango  12 Inch  (Octopus Breaks)

"Trans Amazonica/Gujamara"  Giulio Camarca & Trinidad  Samba do Amigo  (Deja Vu)

"Kabaluere"  Antonio Carlos & Jocafi  Mudei de Ideia  (RCA)