(IR) Congress Tries to Save Internet Radio

(Radio And Internet Newsletter, RAIN - April 26, 2007)
As the entire Internet Radio industry faces shutdown on May 15 Congress has entered the fray.  Yesterday, Rep. Jay Inslee (D - WA) and eight cosponsors introduced the The Internet Radio Equality Act.  The Act injects a strong dose of reality into the current situation by cancelling the Copyright Royalty Board's fee structure and setting new fees equal to what satellite radio currently pays.  Two other key areas set the minimum annual fee to be no higher than $500 and also establishes a percentage of revenue rate for smaller webcasters.

The Act is expected to draw several more cosponsors.  Those who listen to and value Internet Radio are encouraged to contact their representatives in Washington and urge them to support this bill.  Learn more about this new development and how you can support it by going to SaveNetRadio.org.

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