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New Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show 4-5:00 pm today, 3/5/21

What should we do about grid stability across the nation to be more resilient in the face of growing challenges from extreme weather and growing demand? And how is Pennsylvania's, or even Philadelphia's, grid equipped to deal with severe weather events? Guests today:

•  Karen Miu, Ph.D.: is professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Eng ineering at Drexel University. She works on distribution networks, infrastructure and power systems. She will be telling us generally how the grid works and implications for grid stability. Recent developments involving interactions with customers and their energy choices as they use the grid is another component of grid stability, one which introduces behavioral elements.

•  Emily Shapira:  is President and CEO of Philadelphia Energy Authority, which works with Philadelphia on energy issues. She will discuss the stability of our grid in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia compared to that in the various states where there have been recent rolling blackouts. She will also talk about the steps towards resilience that need to be taken to make the grid more stable.

Tune in to about this and more!

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