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Pennsylvania has the highest number of abandoned oil and gas wells in the nation, but there are myriads of these wells all around the country.  The issue of abandoned wells is largely unknown to the general public.  What are the problems/dangers of these wells and what can we do about them?  What is the position of our government representatives on tackling this situation?

Tune in to hear about this and more: 


Adam Peltz is a Senior Attorney in the Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Energy program.  He focuses on oil and gas regulation and policy and serves as a public advocate on oil and gas development issues, with a focus on well integrity.  Adam is responsible for managing multi-stakeholder efforts concerning oil and gas development to improve environmental outcomes through enhanced regulation and better industry practices. 


Linda Rosenwein, Ph.D.: is Planet Philadelphia’s reporter and assistant producer.  She will give the second half of a summary on green investing.  

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