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What can we do to help keep our planet cool enough to survive? Print E-mail

Planet Philadelphia today, ‪Friday, December 4 @ 4:00 PM

On today's Planet Philadelphia we will be talking with Ben Kalina and Jen Schneider who have collaborated on directing/producing/writing and filming a recent NOVA science documentary airing on PBS entitled "Can We Cool the Planet?." They are award-winning film makers who have worked together before. Both have long been interested in environmental issues. Their documentary explores some of the extreme options that may be required to deal with climate change. 

Also on this show we hear from Liz Robinson on the state of energy politics in Harrisburg. Pennsylvania is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the US and one of the largest regional sources of electric power. What we do here matters far beyond our borders. And Liz has extensive knowledge about all this. She fills us in on what’s happening right now and what might be coming our way. 


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