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The Sound From Germantown

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Welcome to Skywave for more live radio play theatre! Tonight  we begin with an episode from the murder mystery series The Police Reporter. 1st broadcast 1935, "Vitalis And Madame Boyer" concerns a young woman named Marie and her mother who opens a shop with a young man she intends to marry.  But what happens when teh man falls in love with Marie? Oo la la!In Fracce, anything is possible when it comes to amour1 We continue with some comic relief from the Our Miss Brooks comedy series. Originally aired 1950, "The Balloon Dancer" has VConnie up in the air trying to juggle several duties that includes teacher, man-hunter, stag party dancer interviewer..stag party? Oh, well. You'll find out before the buoyant bouncing ball bursts with this cast thta never runs out of gas! Please welcome Teri Maxwell, Shelli-Pentimall booker, Tom Casetta, and your host, Andy Petit. 

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