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The Sound From Germantown

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Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more socially distanced live radio play entertainment. We begin with an amusement from the X Minus 1 sci fi series. Originally aired 1956, "skulking Permit" considers the plight of Planet New Delaware in the year 2204 when an inspection is due to investigate how civilized the space colony is, which requires it have a criminal capable of murder; but on  planet that hasn't killed anyone in 200 years, who can they find that will be up for the job? We continue with an episode from the series "I Love  a Mystery". 1st broadcast 1950, "Temple of Vampires Episode 13" is set in the jungles of Central America. Now that our heros hold the high priestess Angela captive, what will they do with her? Trade her for our heroine Sunny, who is ensnared in the creepy clutches of Vampire priest Manuel? And hoping to keep you on the edge of your perch are regular voice actors Stephen Medvidick, Aaron Roberge, Leah Holleran, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit. 

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