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The Sound From Germantown

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(Cat study by Ronald Searle)

Isabella Leonarda's birth? Exercise Spade Fork begins? Bulgarian unification? No. Fewsh.

(Cat study by Ronald Searle)

Hour 1

Alva Noto - A Forest {from single}

Elizabeth Parker - Sitting In The Sun {from Modularism 2 ~ Noises Off}

Bill Wurtz - And The Day Goes On {from billwurtz.com}

Cardinal - Angel Darling {from Cardinal}

The Jazz Butcher - Still In The Kitchen {from Distressed Gentlefolk}

****FEWSH YARN: A Podiatrist****

Dolores Duran - Only You {from The Music of Brazil: Dolores Duran ~ Recordings 1955-1957}

Charlie Byrd - Django {from The Guitar Artistry of Charlie Byrd}

Coleman Hawkins - Moonglow {from The Hawk Relaxes}

Frankie Paul - Don't Worry Yourself {from Hot Number}

General Trees - Get Your Act Together {from The Graduate presents Every Tongue Shall Tell}

Julien Baker - Go Home {from Sprained Ankle}

Mitski - Lonesome Love {from Be The Cowboy}

Hour 2

****Dark Alley Knife Fight****

Buckner & Garcia - Pac-Man Fever {from Pac-Man Fever}

Hypocrisy - Living Dead {from End of Disclosure}


Blue Öyster Cult - Burnin' For You {from Fire of Unknown Origin}

The Romantics - Gimme One More Chance {from The Romantics}

The Nerves - Any Day Now (Live) {from One Way Ticket}

Test Icicles - Snowball {from For Screening Purposes Only}

Double Dagger - Lorem Ipsum {from Double Dagger}

Radio 4 - Dance To The Underground {from Dance To The Underground EP}

Neuroticfish - Pain {from No Instruments}

The Neon Judgement - The Right To Reject {from The Insult}

The Sabri Brothers - Allah Hi Allah Tan Mein Tar {from Ya Habib}

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