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Welcome to Skywave for more live radio play pleasure! We begin with an original from playwright John McDonnell. Written 2020, "Candy Heart" finds Billy Wilson,  motivational speaker and self-help books author, back in his hometown for a book signing where he visits candy store owner Mrs. Benson  to show her how different he is from the chubby kid  who he used to buy candy from her everyday. But has he changed? "Candy Heart" is  a tart play with a sweet ending. We continue with an episode from the melodrama series "Fleischmann's Yeast Hour. 1st broadcast 1933, "Fro Services Rendered" considers the plight of the innocent, but spirited Eva, who is desperate to be rescued from the stifling confines of her home by marrying a war hero. But what prevents the decorated officer from allowing Eva to become another of his ornaments? And we conclude with some comic relief from the Bickersons. Originally aired 1949, "Blanche Bets A Horse" has Blanche and John engaged in 1 of their usual  2am discussions covering topics like mutual love, admiration and an investment in a horse. Who wins the race? Stay tuned along with our usual entertaining voices Gary Mitchell, Nyi Lunsford, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.  

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