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The Sound From Germantown

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Welcome to Skywave for remote live radio play entertainment. We begin with a story from the mystery series "The Sealed Book". Originally aired 1945, "Escape By Death" has 2 elderly sisters stuck in a country house totally distanced from their usually social crowd. Determined that their niece and nephew have imprisoned them in order to poison them without anyone suspecting and thereby inheriting their wealth, they hatch a plot to remove their greedy relatives. Will the old ladies return to their place of high society or...Stay tuned as we continue with a melodrama from the Fleischmann Yeast Hour series. 1st broadcast 1935, "The Baby Carriage" has Mrs. Lezinsky in a pickle when her husband turns down her request to pay $5 for a treasured baby carriage because they have bills to pay up to the you-know-whatsis, not to mention what it'll cost to cure Mr. L's increasing blindness. Oi vey! What is a mother of 3 (with child yet) supposed to do? Well, the following regular voices know what they're going to do- entertain you! They are Susan Triggiani, Shelli Pentimall-Booker, Maury Harris, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.

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