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The Sound From Germantown

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Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more remote live radio play action. We begin with 2 selections for playwright Caitlin Cieri. Let's begin with "Struck Like Gongs". Back in 1930, Noel Coward penned a famous line "certain women should be struck regularly" his play "Private Lives". But what if he wrote about a relationship in which striking women was the point. After negotiating, setting the scene and implementing safe words, you have "Struck Like Gongs". We continue with "The Queen Is Dead, Long Live The Queen", which is a political thriller to rival Game of Thrones. On Nov. 4 2020, the ant princesses Alate and Ergatogyne discover the monsters who plagued their home have all vanished. Is this s new beginning for their colony or the end of the world? Stay tuned as we conclude with a script from the sci fi series X Minus One. 1st broadcast 1955, "1st Contact" considers an encounter between an Earth spaceship and an alien one. when the 2 make initial contact, can they maintain a cordial association or must conflict ensue...resulting in...? Guest actors are Jennifer Shorstein, AJ and regulars are Carol Moog, Caitlin Cieri, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit. 

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