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Some communities and their members don’t get heard on environmental issues by the general public. Here are some attempts to bring attention to that fact and/or to provide alternative approaches to the environment for their members. Tune in to 92.9 FM WGGT-LP in Philadelphia and live streaming at gtownradio.com on July 17th to hear:

•    Sarah Shanley Hope is the Executive Director of The Solutions Project in Oakland CA which serves as a national advocacy organization and grantmaker for climate solutions and energy.  The Project invests in front line communities and leaders of color to amplify their stories and solutions.  She will be talking about a recent report from their agency on media coverage of women in clean energy.  She will be in conversation with Chandra Farley below, with whom she often works.

•    Chandra Farley is the Just Energy Director of the Partnership for Southern Equity in Atlanta GA.  The Partnership advances policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.  She will be discussing her community-based work to promote the environment, especially for women of color – how the stories of this community and their solutions work need to be part of the media’s conversation.

•    Howard Bailey, is a Germantown Philadelphia resident and consultant.  He has been active in the Germantown Info Hub and many other community organizations.  He also is active in Philadelphia’s Transition Town movement, a world-wide movement (Transition Town) that started in England.  He will be talking about this movement and its attempt to provide a different way for communities to organize and help themselves, which includes in regard to the oncoming environmental crises.

Tune in 4-5:00 PM today to hear this and more on Planet Philadelphia

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