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Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more radio play action live here at gtown via Zoom! We begin with comical piece from playwright John McDonnell. Written 2020, "Just Say Yes" is about Harold and Louise going out to dinner to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. They invite son Tommy and his girlfriend Sarah. It's going to be  a perfect nite because Harold thinks Tommy is finally going to pop the question to Sarah. Unfortunately, Louise doesn't agree with Harold's choice of anniversary gift. She has a very different idea of what she wants. Will Harold cause a scene in front of Tommy and Sarah? the perfect nite starts to unravel in this comic short, but Harold finds the best way to resolve the problem.  How? Stay tunes as we continued with an episode from the Fleischmann Yeast Hour series. 1st broadcast 1935, "the 3rd Angle" considers the relationship between wife Anne and husband Jerry( a portrait painter) and one of his many female sitters, Clara. There are 3 angles to this odd shape. Who will make it even? Well, no one from this powerhouse pentagon of a line up, which stars Nyi Lunsford, Anna Kirk, Gary Mitchell, John McDonnell, Tom Casetta and your, host, Andy Pettit. 

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