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The Sound From Germantown

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Welcome to Skywave for Philadelphia's regular live radio play program ala remote. We begin with a short play by Maximillian Pettit. Written 2017, "Bedroom Windows" is an encounter between an older and a younger man. What are their intentions? Is it mutual? We continue with an episode from the Suspesce series. 1st broadcast 1955, "The Game" considers a dare between two bored, young guys looking for fun. One has a gun. Peer pressure, anyone? We conclude with a scene from an AR Gurney drama. Originally performed 1988, "The Cocktail Hour" is a family tradition. During a typical family dinner, what unusual feelings do father and son reveal? And here to tell all are voice actor/playwright Max Pettit, SFX/Voiceman Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit. 

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